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In brief, tantra is a philosophy of life that respects all living beings, while it also acknowledges the sexual nature of men. The human body is in fact a “temple” of the soul, and our sexual energy is the most powerful and original source of our power and joy of life. Unfortunately, the word “tantra” is often used inmisleading ways to mean sexual service.A tantric massage is actually about understanding the unity of body, soul and spirit. Together with our friends, with organize massage workshops for gay, bisexual and other open-minded men, at various places in Europe. Here you can learn some basic techniques of tantric massage in a safe space, together with personal meditation and an open approach. You get the opportunity to work with your own energy. Our principal aim is to remind you of the power of touch in personal life and in partnership. We look forward to you,



Frequently Asked Questions
With friends, we organize experiential and massage courses (not only) for gay, bisexual and "open minded" men, focused on self-knowledge, tantric massages and touch in a safe space in conjunction with personal meditation and open access. We are sensitive and playful to work with energy, personal boundaries or communication in partner and sexual life, to ourselves and to the environment.
I have a problem with nudity and getting undressed in front of so many people gives me the creeps, but I am interested in the courses. What is your advice?

I recommend the seminar Touch of Tantra and Tai-ji, which is most suitable for beginners and nudity is not included. It gives taste of tantric ritual, the essential oil massage techniques, working with a touch, relaxation during exercises focused on breathing, movement and energy work.

Otherwise, for the nudity. Nudity in tantric massage is not purposless. During the tantric massage the entire body is massaged, connecting with the sexual energy through the body, soul, heart chakra, the complex massage includes intimate parts and the prostate. And it will be difficult without being naked. By gentle, sensitive touch (and good intentions) we heal sexuality and we learn to unblock various fears, tentions and injuries in the intimate areas that are often there from previous relationships, or from the distant past.

Naked tantric masseur shows that he is "opened" and so he helps the other to overcome the barrier of shame because they are both "in the same boat." The nudity itself is openly discussed at the courses and from my experiences I can say that most participants are not finding it hard anymore. It is obviously a group atmosphere, openness, safety and desire to work with one‘s boundaries or blocks that add to it. We do not force nudity. If at that moment you feel you do not want to undress, you can stay in the room dressed and just feel the atmosphere. That in itself works and pushes your boundaries.

Nudity at the seminar is not about exhibitionism but about naturalness.

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