Skype session with David


Are you often dealing in your daily life with actual problems, blocks and situations without knowing what to do with them

Traveling and need advice, take a look at the current situation in your intimate relationship

You´ve just been to a seminar or a private session with tantric massage and some themes or blocks came up and you need a consult

Are you thinking about a course, private session or a massage but you are shy or uncertain what to expect

You decided to change your life: get rid of the old stereotypes or a change in your intimate life and you need a regular consult supported by an email consultancy

Great advantage is that you will stay in your familiar environment


  • We look at the actual problem, block or situation
  • We find the underlying context of the block
  • Together we create different possibilities that will lead to change
  • You will get practical advice from my personal experience and from the experience I have gathered during seminars, personal meetings and massages in the last 12 years
  • You will get practical exercises suitable for the actual block or problem
  • A whole week after the SKYPE consult you can consult your feelings and progress by email


  • My shyness complicates my intimate life, what can I do with that?
  • I have an excessive sex appetite.
  • How can I control my orgasm, ejaculation?
  • Me and my partner don´t enjoy having sex after all these years, is there a way to change it?
  • I am cheating on my boyfriend and I feel guilt and frustration.
  • I can´t talk about intimacy.
  • I can´t say NO.
  • I release my hyperactivity by frequent sex or masturbation but I don´t have a good feeling about it.
  • After masturbating I feel exhausted, lack of life energy and sadness. How can I change it?
  • Would love to have an intimate life and sex with a man, but I´m afraid.
  • What is the difference between sex and intimacy?
  • Help. I have erection problems.
  • How to find joy and playfulness in sex or in lovemaking instead of the feeling of guilt and fear?
  • My sexual life is like a marathon – everybody is expecting performance, but I´m exhausted from it.
  • I would like to try a prostate massage or anal love making but I feel a big block. What can I do?
  • A lot of my time I spend on chatting and watching porn, I feel regrets, sadness and emptiness. How can I change that?
  • Porn is ruining my life, I´m addicted. What can I do with it?
  • I can´t succeed in finding a partner. I would like to share with him the joy and the sorrow of life. Do ordinary things, travel together. All I have is short term relationships. Why?
  • I would like to step out the gay-stereotype but I don´t know how.
  • What is tantra sex and how can I learn it?
  • I past my fiftieth birthday, can I start with tantra?
  • I would like to teach to love myself, my body and how to make love with myself instead of a quick masturbation followed by sadness and frustration.
  • There is a fear in me to touch, to let somebody come to close.
  • How to communicate with my partner about jealousy and intimacy. I want to deepen our relationship but I don´t know how..
  • I´m 50,60 years old or more. Am I too old for sex? To have a relationship?
  • I live in a relationship with a woman but I´m interested in an intimate or sexual experience with a man.


  • A standard Skype consult is 60 minutes; there is a possibility to take a shorter consult. Minimum is 30 minutes (price is 20 euro)
  • The costs for a Skype consult are 30 euro (seven days email support is included)
  • A package of 2 Skype consults is 50 euro (seven days email support is included)
  • A package of 3 Skype consults is 65 euro (seven days email support is included)
  • Partner Skype consult – 40 euro (communication takes place with both partners at a time)


  • Send an email to:
  • Or call: +420 720 254 499
  • Skype: Kopdavid
  • The consult is paid in advance. Payment on account: David Kopecký,  IBAN: CZ1720100000002400772287,  BIC: FIOBCZPPXXX, Fio banka a.s., Address: V celnici 1028/4, Praha 1
  • Skype consult is done by David Kopecký – more about me HERE.


Event facilitators: David Kopecký (CZ), Tai-ji system presented by Miguel Arango Isaza (Columbia).

For more information contact us: Workshop organization - Miguel Arango,, GSM: 0032 499 407 111


Miguel Arango, for Belgium:
GSM: 0032 499 407 111, (EN, FR, ES)

David Kopecký, for Czech Republic:
GSM: 00420 720 254 499, (EN, CZ)
Facebook: Tantraflow Prague
Skype: kopdavid