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In brief, tantra is a philosophy of life that respects all living beings, while it also acknowledges the sexual nature of men. The human body is in fact a “temple” of the soul, and our sexual energy is the most powerful and original source of our power and joy of life. Unfortunately, the word “tantra” is often used inmisleading ways to mean sexual service.A tantric massage is actually about understanding the unity of body, soul and spirit. Together with our friends, with organize massage workshops for gay, bisexual and other open-minded men, at various places in Europe. Here you can learn some basic techniques of tantric massage in a safe space, together with personal meditation and an open approach. You get the opportunity to work with your own energy. Our principal aim is to remind you of the power of touch in personal life and in partnership. We look forward to you,

David Kopecký

David Kopecký

David Kopecký

a professional masseur, will present the technique of tantric massage. Graduated from Special Pedagogy - social and mass communication in Prague, employed in the field of public relations; I have been developing work with the body and massage since 2003. I have started to offer tantric massages with an individual approach since 2004. My experiences were gained from professional practice, seminars and courses taking place in the Czech Republic, Europe and Asia. Tantric experiences are bringing a fusion of happy living, creative spirituality, new friends, and more travels into my life. These are boosting my life energy and increasing psychical potential for making my dreams come true and easier overcoming any obstruction. This year we have launched a series of weekend seminars on touch, tantric massage and Tai Chi at various places in Europe.

References, certifications, experiences:

  • Thai massage - The Wat Po Traditional Medical School Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Sports and recondition massage - achieved at Department of Education CZ.
  • Tantric massage - Tantraworld CZ, school of tantric massage.
  • Hawaiian massage, Indian head massage, Reiki 1. a 2. degree - certifications of massage schools in CZ.

Tantraworld CZ 2003 - 2008 (cooperation)

  • Male groups.
  • Massage seminars for men and women.
  • Bodywork.
  • Seminars for personal development.


Miguel Arango, for Belgium:
GSM: 0032 499 407 111, migarang@hotmail.com (EN, FR, ES)

David Kopecký, for Czech Republic:
GSM: 00420 720 254 499, david@tantraflow.net (EN, CZ)
Facebook: Tantraflow Prague
Skype: kopdavid



Event facilitators: David Kopecký (CZ), Tai-ji system presented by Miguel Arango Isaza (Columbia).

For more information contact us: Workshop organization - Miguel Arango, migarang@hotmail.com, GSM: 0032 499 407 111